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Trials of Amonkhet timeline
  • Round 1: 23 May - 29 May
  • Round 2: 30 May - 5 June
  • Round 3: 6 June - 12 June
  • Round 4: 13 June - 19 June
  • Round 5: 20 June - 26 June
  • Top-8 and follow: 27 June until complete
(All times are 1800 EST unless otherwise stated)

Planeswalkers, citizens of Amonkhet, both alive and undead,

hereinafter you will find a listing of those Brave Souls, who will take part in the merciless Trials of Amonkhet. Include them in your prayers, so they will prevail in this nerve-wrecking, muscle-tearing competition!

In case you're seeking guidance, contact Lord Bolas' servant Kryder either at his residence on NGA or send your lightning-fueled parchments to

Trials of Amonkhet decklists

Player name ID Colors Decktype Decklist/Player Info
Vert FC01 Color WColor UColor B Esper Control Esper Control
Will FC05 Color BColor RColor G Jund Midrange Big Black
Reshfuu FC09 Color WColor B Orzhov Zombies Zombies
InFaMoUs GeMiNi FC10 Color WColor UColor G Bant Midrange Bant Midrange
DCG-MTG FC11 Color WColor UColor R Jeskai Control Randy (Jeskai Control)
NATASHA6 FC12 Color WColor B Orzhov Control WB Control
PureSynesthesia FC13 Color B Mono-B Vehicles Mono Black Vehicles
Sl33phumper FC15 Color BColor R Rakdos Vehicles :r::b: vehicles
Jam Diesel FC02 Color RColor G Gruul Energy Aggro The Beatdown
Ninja4Hanzo FC03 Color RColor G Gruul Energy Aggro Gruul Energy Aggro
TheGodAmongMen FC04 Color UColor RColor G Temur Drake Combo E-flingma Drake
Frostang FC06 Color RColor G Gruul Aggro RG Beats
CovertGo Blue FC07 Color UColor R Izzet Control Fight Club UR Control
that1dude1995 FC08 Color UColor BColor R Grixis Control Grixis "Waiting 4 Bolas" Control
VT2WA FC14 Color BColor R Rakdos Vehicles RAKDOS VEHICLES
heebeejeebeez FC16 Color UColor R Izzet Burn Enigmalchemist
Fight Club Color Breakdown
Fight Club Archetype Breakdown

Trials of Amonkhet media
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