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In Story mode in Magic Duels you play through five campaigns with several missions each. Featuring a storyline based on the current expansion the game teaches you about game concepts and certain key cards. Completing story mode missions will reward you with coins and free boosters.

Story mode can only be played with pre-constructed decks against fixed AI opponents. Decklists for each mission can be found on the related mission page.

Origins Campaign[]

In Magic Duels: Origins you follow the origins stories of five planeswalkers and learn how their Spark was ignited.

Main article: Origins Campaign

Battle for Zendikar Campaign[]

In Magic Duels: Battle for Zendikar you follow Gideon, Kiora, Nissa and Jace fighting the monstrous Eldrazi.

Main article: Battle for Zendikar Campaign

Oath of the Gatewatch Campaign[]

Campaign selection Oath of the Gatewatch

Oath of the Gatewatch:
Zendikar struggles under siege by the Eldrazi. Use Gideon's leadership, Jace's knowledge of hedrons, and Nissa's powerful elemental magic to challenge Ulamog in the city of Seagate. Will you and the Gatewatch be able to defeat the Eldrazi and save Zendikar?

Main article: Oath of the Gatewatch Campaign

Shadows over Innistrad Campaign[]

Magic Duels: Shadows over Innistrad campaign description

Main article: Shadows over Innistrad Campaign

Eldritch Moon Campaign[]

Campaign selection Eldritch Moon

Eldritch Moon:
Innistrad has always been a world of horrors, but nothing like this.
Mutated threats emerge from every dark corner. Can you, the moonfolk Planeswalker Tamiyo, and the Gatewatch get to the bottom of it before it's too late?

Main article: Eldritch Moon Campaign

Kaladesh Campaign[]

Campaign selection Kaladesh

The planeswalker Dovin Baan alerts the Gatewatch to a growing threat on Kaladesh, Chandra Nalaar's home plane. The Inventors' Fair, a vibrant exhibition of ingenuity and wondrous devices, is at risk. Join Chandra and Liliana to discover who's behind the sinister machinations.

Main article: Kaladesh Campaign

Aether Revolt Campaign[]

Campaign selection Aether Revolt

Aether Revolt:
Kaladesh is thrown into Chaos as Tezzeret seizes control of its wondrous inventions and the city's aether supply. What are the metal mage's true motives? Why is he on Kaladesh?

Main article: Aether Revolt Campaign

Amonkhet Campaign[]

Campaign selection Amonkhet

As an initiate on Amonkhet, you've been told of the glorious afterlife promised to the worthy by the God-Pharaoh. But the path to become worthy is tumultous—five brutal trials that challenge every part of your being. You honed your body, your mind, and your soul. Can you withstand the tests of the five Gods?

Main article: Amonkhet Campaign
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