In the fourth mission Jace has to defend himself against an attack by townspeople of Thraben.


Intro Text
The final pages of the mysterious journal lead Jace to the doors of the foreboding Thraben Cathedral. The ground is broken, and the once proud, gleaming spires are warped and twisted. The townspeople and cathars of Thraben swarm around Jace. Their paranoid suspicions quickly give way to violence.

SOI m4 i
Victory Text
Inside Thraben's cavernous cathedral, Jace spies a pale, slight figure wreathed by floating scrolls. She pores over one of the strange warped formations. She suddenly looks up, startled from her own investigation. She is the moonfolk scholar Tamiyo, author of the mysterious journal that fell into Jace's hands. As Jace approaches, a long shadow eclipses the light overhead. Suddenly he is overwhemled by vertigo and the raw, metallic smell of blood.
SOI m4 v


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Jace's Deck (55 cards)

22 Lands Icon land
22 Island
20 Creatures Icon creature
3 Phantasmal Bear
2 Fog Bank
3 Illusionary Servant
3 Reckless Scholar
2 Uninvited Geist
2 Aberrant Researcher
2 Drownyard Explorers
1 Phantasmal Dragon
1 Sturmgeist
1 Nephalia Moondrakes
2 Enchantments Icon enchantment
2 Claustrophobia
3 Instants Icon instant
3 Just the Wind
8 Sorceries Icon sorcery
2 Nagging Thoughts
1 Sleep
2 Welcome to the Fold
3 Pore Over the Pages

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Thraben Townspeople' Deck (55 cards)

22 Lands Icon land
22 Plains
25 Creatures Icon creature
3 Town Gossipmonger
4 Glory Seeker
4 Unruly Mob
2 Cathar's Companion
3 Harvest Hand
3 Militant Inquisitor
3 Pious Evangel
3 Inspiring Captain
8 Artifacts Icon artifact
2 Neglected Heirloom
4 True-Faith Censer
2 Slayer's Plate


Try to stabilize in the early game. Fog Bank can help to keep early aggression at bay. Your opponent doesn't have hard removal or combat tricks, so play out the creatures with highest toughness to serve as blockers. Don't try to rush in damage. Don't attack, if you will lack blockers on the next turn. Build up a good defense.

Gain card advantage with Nagging Thoughts and Pore Over the Pages.

Once you have control over the battlefield focus on fliers. Your opponent has no creatures with flying rendering yours practically unblockable.

Side notes:
Sleep can end the game early. If your opponent has no cards in hand and you can do damage half of his life total, only a lucky draw can save him.

Prime targets for Welcome to the Fold are Pious Evangel for lifegain or Unruly Mob with lots of counters on it. Don't go for equipped creatures. The AI will simply re-equip in the following turns.