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Kaladesh is the sixth expansion card set for Magic Duels and the first set in the Kaladesh block.

Release Date[]

Release Date (physical card game): September 30, 2016
Magic Online Release: October 10, 2016[1]
Please note that the dates above are NOT the release dates in Magic Duels!
Magic Duels Release:

  • iOS: September 28/29, 2016
  • Steam: September 28/29, 2016
  • Xbox One: September 28/29, 2016

Release date depended on your region. The release happened late afternoon September 28th in North America, early morning on the 29th in other regions.[2]

Card list[]

The list of cards from this set made available in Magic Duels can be found here.

Themes & Mechanics[]

With Kaladesh these mechanics were introduced to Magic Duels:[3]

  • Crew and Vehicles
    Turn a Vehicle Artifact with the Crew ability into an Artifact creature by tapping another creature. Gain additional benefits if the tapped creature has the Pilot subtype.
    Click here to read more about it.
  • Energy
    Gather a new resource of Energy counters (Energy) and spend them on Energy abilities.
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  • Fabricate
    A triggered ability, that lets you put a number of +1/+1 counters on a creature, or create a number of 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens.
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Developer Insights[]

Watch Drew Nolosco and Chris Peeler announcing release date and upcoming changes for the Kaladesh update:


Magic Duels Developer Insights Kaladesh

Notable Changes:

  • Customizable Items:
    • Full Art Lands
    • Card Sleeves

Card Sleeves and Full Art Lands Preview[4]


The full patch notes were posted on September 28:[5]

  1. Card Swaps
    1. No card swaps for this release.
  2. Fixed Issues
    1. Eldrazi Displacer is able to target itself with its own activated ability.
    2. When Eldrazi Displacer exiles a token creature, the next token creature to enter play with the same name will enter the battlefield tapped.
    3. Returning Diregraf Colossus from the graveyard to play does not add any +1/+1 counters on it for each Zombie in the user's graveyard.
    4. Prized Amalgam does not return to the battlefield if the other creature that entered from the graveyard leaves play before Prized Amalgam's ability finishes resolving.
    5. Otherworldly Outburst's added triggered ability lasts past the end of turn.
    6. Play this card cannot be selected when Planeswalkers are exiled by Abbot of Keral Keep.
    7. Extricator of Sin's triggered ability does not display a "may" prompt when "Always Use Optional Abilities" option is turned off.
    8. Choosing not to copy anything with Altered Ego with X > 0 doesn't cause Altered Ego to go to the graveyard.
    9. The Devil creature token created by Devils' Playground does not trigger Willbreaker's ability when the Devil token dies and targets an opponent's creature to deal one damage.
    10. Silverfur Partisan creates a token when a Wolf creature is being countered.
    11. Aligned Hedron Network triggered ability resolves while not on the battlefield.
    12. Enchanting a card with Imprisoned in the Moon reveals hidden flavor text and results in overlapping text issues.
    13. Avacyn, the Purifier transforms back into Archangel Avacyn if a creature is sacrificed before her first transformation.
    14. Face-down transformed cards that are enchanted with Imprisoned in the Moon are face-down in the hand when returned to the user's hand.
    15. Spells with support and an effect which targets a creature are able to target the creature if it becomes hexproof while the spell is resolving.
    16. Menace is not effective when the player concedes and AI takes over.
    17. User can create Decks with special characters if the name starts with "{" .
    18. Kozilek's Return's 5 damage animation triggers even when not activated.
    19. The buff sound effect and visual effect when a card's P/T changes can be heard from the opponent's hand with cards that have ★/★ power and toughness.
    20. Host is not able to mulligan if client quits during the mulligan phase.
    21. After receiving the reward for participating in a Community Quest, user cannot contribute towards the next one until they reboot.
    22. +1/+1 counters FX is too loud.
    23. Parenthesized rubi appears on the information of cards during duel in Japanese.
    24. Visions of Brutality contains text incorrectly stating that the enchanted creature cannot attack when it actually can.
  3. PC
    1. The host is separated from its invited partner when searching for random opponents in Two-Headed Giant and finds a lobby with three players already in it.
    2. When a creature attacks a planeswalker and is blocked, if the blocking creature is withdrawn the arrow then points to the player (but damage is still correctly assigned to the planeswalker).
  4. Xbox
    1. Purchasing gold from the Gamehub while title is on will not update the gold amount until user reboots.
  5. Known Issues
    1. Titan's Presence is highlighted before the user has enough mana to cast it.
    2. Rabid Bite instantly resolves without chances for pause/response.
    3. Having the opponent discard their last card using Compelling Deterrence causes their last card to visibly remain in their hand for the duration of the duel.
    4. Skill Quests cannot be entered once the user has put any number of cards in the bottom carousel.
    5. Users are unable to select continue during Madness and Transform Skill Quests.
    6. Aethertorch Renegade cannot target planeswalkers with its second activated ability.
    7. When the AI targets the player and a planeswalker with Twin Bolt, the attack's animation is displayed on both, but only one takes the damage.
    8. iPhone - Game crashes if the player zooms in on the opponent's lands.
    9. STEAM - The user is able to connect to others, but not friends in Two-Headed Giant.
    10. XboxOne - Tapping meld creatures warps the P/T display.
    11. When Saheeli Rai's -2 ability is used on a token creature, the copy does not gain the copy badge.
    12. There is an erroneous loyalty box on the planeswalker Arlinn Kord when becoming a creature planeswalker.
    13. Cards exiled by Bomat Courier have their set/block visible when zoomed in.
    14. There are out of order paragraphs in rules text of Aether Meltdown in all languages other than English.
    15. Zooming in on a card in hand while it is played won't force to zoom out.
    16. The number value for the opponent's energy counters displays upside down.
    17. With Combat Animations enabled, planeswalkers may enter the graveyard with an erroneous loyalty value.
    18. AI pilots vehicles unnecessarily and in disadvantageous ways.
    19. Achievements related to Rank and Versus Wins unlock at the wrong increments.
    20. Foil card state not being loaded during transition from My decks to Card Collection.
    21. Card sleeve reverts to the default one after syncing a deck from the server.
    22. "Energize" quest is only giving one energy counter worth of progress even if player plays a card that gives two or more energy counters.
    23. Drive Time counts abilities with "tap another creature" as part of the quest.
    24. User is unable to return in duel if they start a Skill Quest while discarding a card and leave it quickly.
    25. PC - The user can access the coin store when adding card sleeves to a deck while offline.
    26. PC - Harnessed Lightning's X Energy Cost does not count for the community quest "Powered by Aether."
    27. iOS – Soft lock occurs when attempting to resume deck building after attempting to purchase coins and putting the device to sleep.
    28. iPAD - Title soft locks when single pressing Ghoulsteed 4(B) to cycle through available mana.
    29. iOS - During the mulligan, if the user concedes and disconnects from Game Center, they will return to a hard locked game.
    30. XboxOne - Title softlocks when cancelling a Two-Headed Giant search.
    31. XboxOne - CRASH - The title can crash if a player is invited to a Two-Headed Giant lobby twice and then the host backs out of the lobby.
    32. XboxOne - The title returns the user to the title screen after disconnecting the controller, constraining, and resuming title in Two-Headed Giant Local Multiplayer.


Welcome to Kaladesh! Optimism, innovation, and the spirit of creativity fuel a renaissance of innovation. Now, during the celebration of Inventors' Fair, we invite you to invent your!

Confirmed Cards Preview[]

These cards have been confirmed so far: [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

The complete cardlist was published on September 21, 2016.[18]

Preview Screenshots[]

These screenshots of Magic Duels: Kaladesh were published on Magic Duels app page on steam on September 16, 2016.[19]


Watch Wizards of the Coast's official Trailer for Kaladesh:


Kaladesh Trailer (EN)

Watch Wizards of the Coast's official Gameplay Trailer for Kaladesh:


Magic Duels Kaladesh Gameplay Trailer

Preview Artwork[]

Kaladesh Key Art by ?