Ad Trails of the Elder Dragon iOs

Trials of Amonkhet timeline
  • Round 1: 29 May - 4 June
  • Round 2: 5 June - 11 June
  • Round 3: 12 June - 18 June
  • Top-8 and follow: from 20 June until complete
(All times are 1800 EST unless otherwise stated)

Nicol Bolas’s schemes are about to see completion and the hour of devastation is at hand, the Elder dragon is searching for his war lord to face the Planeswalkers on Amonkhet, but who could be worthy?

The Secret Society Shadows has summoned all the Planeswalkers of the multiverse to face the trials of the horned one, only the last one standing can claim himself worthy of the title of “Elder Dragon War Lord”.

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Trials of Amonkhet decklists

Player name ID Colors Decktype Decklist/Player Info
Necr0potence ED01 Color WColor B Tokens B/W Cats & Tokens
Drob922 ED02 Color WColor R Aggro Boros Vehicles
Wizards_AI ED03 Color BColor R Aggro Rakdos Aggro
Mortivore666 ED04 Color WColor UColor R Control The 2nd Sun
ArielBelkin ED05 Color BColor G Midrange Nissa does Golgari
SquiderDragon ED06 Color WColor UColor GMana C Midrange Bant Eldrazi
Auunj ED07 Color UColor R Control Just Dodge no Burn
Zen ED08 Color WColor R Aggro Netdeck No. 13
Altashheth ED09 Color WColor U Midrange U/W Angels
Cucho Lamberta ED10 Color U Control Can´t touch this
Sando ED11 Color WColor B Midrange zomB
ne0nc1ty ED12 Color R Aggro crash 'n burn
Insert Witty Name ED13 Color WColor BColor R Midrange Mardu Vehicles
MagicMaster ED14 Color UColor BColor RColor G Ramp Expelliarmus
Trials of Amonkhet media
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Trials of Amonkhet have fun

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