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My fellow Planeswalkers,

as the Hour of Defraudations came and that filthy dragon ditched us all making our Dark Intimations the foiled pinnacle of his lies, we decided to give you guys a little treat to help with the sorrow of this Cruel Reality so it is our pleasure to host the retribution act in which we summon all of you for the last tournament of the Magic Duels iOs community. As this is our last big scale organized tournament we really want it to be the best one of all. So, we have a few surprises for you and an actual prize (one that will be delivered to your house anywhere in the world—that´s right, Zen, even to you! :D). Although we want this event to be fun we know that it can only be great with each and every one of you. :D So, we urge you to pass from The Hour of Constipation and join us in The Hour of Transformation.

The way Wizards ended Duels was just so disrespectful to the community at large that there isn’t much more to say about it, we just think that the game deserves better, the community deserves a proper farewell to this game that has given us so much hours of fun. The invitation is simple enough and it is open to anyone who is willing to gather around for one final showdown with all this select -euphemism- group of people from all over the world that share this addiction that is Magic Duels. It is not required to have an NGA account if you like to participate and get your fix, just follow the instructions listed below and join us.

HOC heading temporalrealtion

No more than 8 weeks
Tournament starts September 2


  • Round 1: September 4 - 10
  • Round 2: September 11 - 17
  • Round 3: September 18 -24
  • Round 4: September 25 - October 1

HOC heading bureaucartization

Discord account
iCloud email address
Time availability to play 1 match per week.
GMT Report
1-3 Decks

Rules & Regulations   Participants get your info for signing up here!

HOC heading confrontation

First stage ladder type blind matches - Players play with any of their submitted decks--one per match. Decks will be released on Magic Duels Wikia after they are played, and all decks will be released before the second stage starts.

All matches are best of 3.

Second Stage revealed decks - Players must choose one of their submitted decks for this stage and keep it till the end of the tournament.

All matches are best of 5.

HOC heading scrutinization

Twitch or upload video recordings on youtube, if you can.

If not you have to post a little report of the match on discord.

For Pairings, Results and Media Coverage on youtube and
visit the Scrutinization page.

HOC heading decklists

Player name ID Decklist/Player Info Timezone
arielbelkin HOC01 arielbelkin's decks/info GMT -7
Cucho Lambreta HOC02 Cucho's decks/info GMT -4
passascats HOC03 passascats's decks/info GMT -4
Drobb922 HOC04 Drobb922's decks/info GMT -4
JRandall0308 HOC05 JRandall0308's decks/info GMT -4
Yondar HOC06 Yondar's decks/info GMT -7
CardboardNomad HOC07 CardboardNomad's decks/info GMT -5
opponent HOC08 opponent's decks/info GMT -4

To join the party enter the discord channel

HOC discord button

Have fun, Planeswalkers!