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AKH season[]

Card sets
Created by
Walking Dead Midrange WhiteBlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur Esper Zombies
Mummies Aggro WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Zombie tribal and efficient removal
Green Ramp Midrange Green DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Elia94m Big Bad Creatures
Black Delver Aggro BlackRed DC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Socur High-speed, madness-fueled assault
Drake Control Control BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Socur Drake Haven, Enigma Drake, Cycling, Madness
Negative Counters Aggro BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Disposable 2-drops and -1/-1 counters
Mystery Cycles Control WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Socur Board control, cycling, removal
SimiColorless Midrange BlueGreenMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Ramp, card draw, bombs
TurboFog Mill/Burn BlueRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Prodigy Mill, card draw, Burn, Eldrazi
Graveyard Work Midrange BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur Graveyard interaction, Madness, Tokens
Orrey 2.0 Card Draw Midrange BlackRed DC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Socur Madness, Card-Draw and graveyard interaction
Cycling Control BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Cycling, instant and sorcery synergies
Abzan Trials Midrange WhiteBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Estufe Goofy Amonkhet enchantment synergy
Monster Madness Midrange RedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Discard synergies with Madness, Embalm, and Aftermath
Turbo Yujin Control WhiteBlueGreenMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Michaelangelo82 Evolution of SuperFriends
Big Beast Midrange BlueGreenMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur Card advantage, mini-combos
Black White Tokens Midrange WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Go wide with tokens, Revolt, Lifelink
Zombies 3 Colours Aggro WhiteBlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Pietr2014 Zombies attack
Token Parade Midrange WhiteBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur Tokens with Artifact synergies
Bant Embalm Midrange WhiteBlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Embalm, Delirium, Token synergy
No Patience Aggro Red DC.pngORIC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Pietr2014 cheap creatures and direct damage
Flying Dutchman Aggro BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur Creature-less, steal and sac, burn
Trials Midrange BlueBlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Trials and Cartouche enchantments
Infinite Life and Power Midrange WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png ClaMontay Infinite Life and Power/Toughness Combos
Naya Doppelganger Midrange WhiteRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Socur Double your tokens, double that fun!
Riddles Aggro BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Instants and Sorceries synergies
Jund Sacrifice Sacrifice BlackGreenRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Ihio Sacrifice
Exert Aggro WhiteRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Exert and Vigilance
Jund Midrange Aggro BlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png LegenVD Jund good stuff
From the Afterlife Midrange WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Socur Embalm and tokens
Monument Splash Eldrazi Midrange WhiteBlueMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur Monument meets Eldrazi
Esper CTRL Control WhiteBlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Ultrapanda Classic Control Deck
Sultai Counters Midrange BlueBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur +1/+1 counters and Altered Ego
Scarab Counters Midrange BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png Socur -1/-1 counters and Nest of Scarabs
Thoptormancy Midrange WhiteBlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png CPTEP46 Thopters Everywhere
Energy control Control BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Lever112 Izzet Energy Control
Renegade Revolt Midrange WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png OneSpeed Creatures and Card Advantage
Mono Red Fling Back Aggro Red DC.pngORIC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Cobiwankenobi Fling Stolen Creatures
BR Act of Treason Type BlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.pngAKHC.png OneSpeed Sac/Fling Stolen Creatures
B/W Sacrifice Midrange BlackWhite DC.pngORIC.pngAKHC.png Cobiwankenobi 3 Set Sacrifice

AER season[]

Card sets
Created by
Revolt Counters Aggro BlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur +1/+1 counters and Revolt abilities
Impromptu Machinery Midrange BlueBlackRed DC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Improvise and lots of mini-combos
Superfriends v3 Control WhiteBlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Planeswalker deck updated with AER
Crat Crat City Midrange WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Nighthawk233 Token sacrifice: Another one bites the dust!
Golgari Counters Aggro BlackGreen DC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Kryder +1/+1 counters mass-production
Improvise Midrange BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Improvise and artifact synergies
RideAlong Aggro WhiteBlackRed DC.pngOGWC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Kryder AER Vehicles
Rebellious Enchantments Midrange WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Revolt and card andvantage
Simurge Midrange BlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngEMNC.pngAERC.png Kryder Value, emerge, bounce, repeat.
Mechanized Clues Midrange WhiteBlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngAERC.png Socur Clues and Mechanized Production
Snek Aggro BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD +1/+1 counters danger noodle
Arsenic Alloy Control WhiteBlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Removal, counterspells, artifact synergies, Planeswalkers
GC Eldrazi Ramp Midrange GreenMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Ramp for Eldrazi
Valor In Red Aggro WhiteRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Kryder Valor in Akros creature pump
Grixis Control Control BlueBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD "Welcome to value town! Population: me!"
—LegenVD, 2017
Sentinelles Control WhiteBlackGreenRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png NazBrockS Planeswalkers
Revolt Tokens Midrange WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Token creation, Revolt and Improvise
Pact of 3 Midrange BlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Three Planeswalkers and value creatures
Mad Mill Mill BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Mill, Madness and Burn
Doublestrike Aggro WhiteRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Double strike, pump, turn-4-kill
Jund Energy Midrange BlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Energy and +1/+1 counters
All In Engines Aggro WhiteRed DC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png SuperLadMan Boros Vehicles with Siege Modification
Zombie Control Midrange BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngAERC.png Konchog Primarily an EMNC.png/SOIC.png Zombie deck with multiple strategies and good control.
Rakdos Vehicles Aggro BlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Kryder Vehicles, burn, removal
Monoblack Aggro Black DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Efficient removal, sacrifice, graveyard play
Creeping Dementia Midrange BlueBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Discard, Eldrazi, Removal
Temurge: Aether Revolt Stylized Midrange BlueRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Kryder Temur Tempo/Emerge
Mechanized Production Combo/
WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Mechanized Production and Auras
Graveyard Renegades Midrange WhiteBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Revolt, Delirium, Graveyard-interaction
Dawn of Angels Midrange WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Angels and a mini-combo
Grixis Controll Controll BlueBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Erlend Sveggen Grixis Controll
Das Jund Jund control BlackGreenRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Lawford Jund control
Token Influx Midrange WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Hidden Stockpile, Tokens, sacrifice
Evolutions Midrange BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Scions, sacrifice and Eldritch Evolution
Grixis Burn Aggro BlueBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Direct damage and Madness subtheme
Land Corrosion Midrange BlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Socur Land destruction, value creatures, removal
Humans Aggro WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Humans tribal and anthem effects
Temurgeing Talent Midrange BlueRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Nighthawk233 Steam Showdown Finals
Temur Emerge Greatness
BG Constrictor Aggro BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png DeadRoma Steam Showdown Finals
Golgari +1/+1 Constrictor
Mobius Tokens Midrange WhiteBlack DC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png mobius chickenstrips XBox Fightclub Finals
Orzhov Token sacrifice
Mardu Vehicles Aggro WhiteBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png UNBEATABLE XBox Fightclub Finals
Artifacts and Vehicles
Abzan Revolt Midrange WhiteBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png LegenVD Revolt and +1/+1 counters
Mono Red Fling Back Midrange Red DC.pngORIC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAKHC.png Cobiwankenobi Steal Creatures and Fling Back
Wrong target Midrage WhiteBlueBlackGreenMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.pngAERC.png Sliver83 A funny combo deck, give to your opponent same fake target untile he have no more cards in his hands.

KLD season[]

Card sets
Created by
Gruul Energy Aggro Aggro RedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Hasted Energy creatures, burn and Planeswalkers
Vehicles Aggro RedWhite DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Dwarves, Vehicles, and artifact synergies
Boros Vehicles Aggro WhiteRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Crew your Vehicles! Wroooom!
Green Red Energy Aggro GreenRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Duelingdeuce22 Green Red Energy
Mechanical Madness Aggro RedBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Powerful creatures, vehicles and madness
Energy Control Control BlueBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Energy, removal, Gearhulks and Planeswalkers
Colossal Artifacts Midrange BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Dimir card draw and Metalwork Colossus
Bant Flicker Midrange WhiteBlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Flicker creatures with enter the battlefield effects
**The Big Deal** Midrange WhiteBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png AnIllegalMind Early Value leading to you being a BIG deal by endgame
Orrery Card-Draw Aggro RedBlack DC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Steam Showdown Finals
Madness, Card-Draw and graveyard interaction
Grixis Reanimator Control BlueBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Discard and reanimation
Energy Pummeler Aggro GreenRed DC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.png Cedri Electrostatic Pummeler burst damage
Pummeler Pump Aggro RedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Creature pump and Electrostatic Pummeler
UW Flash Control BlueWhite DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Flash, tap, bounce, counter
Selesnya Counters Aggro WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Weenies and +1/+1 counters
Naya Tokens v2 Aggro WhiteRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Token fabrication and burst anthems
Saheeli's Metalworks Midrange BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngKLDC.png Socur Artifact synergies with Pummeler and Colossus
Golgari Counters Aggro BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD +1/+1 counter synergies
Draw-Go Control Control BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Counterspells and removal Draw-Go style
Orzhov Colossus Combo Midrange WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Colossus, Marionette Master, Planeswalkers, Vehicles
Izzet Burn Aggro BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Nighthawk233 It's better to burn out than to fade away.
Vampires v2 Aggro BlackRed DC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Madness Vampire tribal
Infernal Mold Midrange BlueRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Convertible Landdestruction
Gearseeker Affinity Aggro Blue DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Gearseeker Serpent and artifact-synergies
Leeching Needles Midrange WhiteBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Gain/Drain, Artifact Damage
Angels Midrange WhiteBlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Serra I love angels
Abzan Midrange Midrange WhiteBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Removal, efficient creatures and Planeswalkers
Thopters 2.1 Midrange BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngKLDC.png Yondar Thopters, vehicles, removal
Mardu Vehicles Aggro WhiteBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Matttoofar Steam Showdown Finals
Vehicles and Artifacts synergies
Jeskai Draw-go Control Control WhiteBlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Joly Steam Showdown Top 4
Removals, counterspells, card advantage
Camp in Flames Aggro BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Camper-King Steam Showdown Top 8
Face burn
Ecstasy Aggro RedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Woodland Wanderer Steam Showdown Top 4
Energy Aggro
Giocher Control WhiteBlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Giocher Steam Showdown Top 8
Jeskai control
Grixis Thopters Midrange BlueBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngKLDC.png WrightJustice Steam Showdown Top 8
Thopters, Artifacts, Gearhulks
Bant Control Control WhiteBlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Atmadog Steam Showdown Top 8
Value creatures, removal, counterspells
Tamiyo's Madness Midrange BlueGreenWhite DC.pngORIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png blackprogram Card draw, library control and creatures with instant synergies
UG Emerge Midrange BlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD ETB creatures, Emerge, card advantage
Bloody Mary Aggro BlackRed DC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png Modulo XBox Fightclub Finals
Vampires and Madness
Boros Aggro Aggro WhiteRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Restless XBox Fightclub Finals
Vehicles and Artifacts
Pale Darter Aggro BlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Thermo-Alchemist, Nettle Drone, Eldrazi, Vehicles
Jeskai Control Control WhiteBlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Removal, counterspells, Planeswalkers
Refurbished Gearhulks Midrange WhiteBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngKLDC.png Socur Gearhulks and Reanimation
Sultai Elves Midrange BlueBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Elves tribal and +1/+1 counters
Extended Vitality Midrange WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Socur Lifegain, Allies, Cohort, Rally
Artifact Aggro Aggro RedBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Artifacts and Madness
Temur Energy Midrange BlueRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png LegenVD Diverse Energy usage
Sultai Turbo Fog Control BlueBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.pngKLDC.png Sliv3r Fogs and milling

EMN season[]

Card sets
Created by
Spirits Midrange WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Sprits Tribal with Flying, Flash and counterspells
Blink Midrange WhiteBlueGreenMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png Tonyadpx Blink comes into play creatures to build card and board advantage.
Zombies Midrange BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Zombies, selfmill and recursion
Emerge Midrange GreenBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Emerge or go wide
Turbo Tutelage Control BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Mill, Madness and Removal
Human Diversity Aggro WhiteBlueGreenRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png Brown85 fast and mean
Superfriends v2 Control WhiteBlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Planeswalkers and Oaths updated with EMN
Bant Tempo Aggro WhiteBlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Planeswalkers, Spirits and Flash
Delirium v2 Aggro BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Delirium themed aggro deck
Angel Control Control WhiteBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Removal, sweepers and Angels
Mindfalls Control WhiteBlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png Elia94m Mill, sweepers
Izzet Burn v2 Aggro BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Mad thermo-alchemistic direct damage!
Monogreen Werewolves Aggro Green DC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.pngEMNC.png LegenVD Werewolves tribal

OGW/SOI season[]

Card sets
Created by
Superfriends * Control WhiteBlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Planeswalkers and Oaths
Madness Vampires Aggro BlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Vampire deck with Madness
Humans Tribal * Aggro WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Humans and Reflector Mage
Werewolves Aggro RedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Transform and Werewolves Tribal
Surged Prowess Aggro BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Prowess creatures and Instants
Dark Elves * Aggro BlackGreen BFZC.pngORIC.pngSOIC.pngDC.png Brown85 Deadly Elves
Jund Midrange * Midrange BlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Removal, value and Planeswalkers
AirNowned Aggro WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png Brown85 a Renowned deck that can take flight.
R/G Landfall Aggro GreenRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png Brown85 Landfall fun
My Humans * Aggro WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png Brown85 My version of Humans Tribal
Esper Control Control WhiteBlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Removal, counterspells and Planeswalkers
Delirium Midrange BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Delirium theme deck
Elves of Color * Midrange BlueBlackGreenRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png Brown85 Use the best elf cards from any color and use those colors to play their best cards
Zombie in a Jar Control WhiteBlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png Nui2u Mass removal combo
Colorless Eldrazi Ramp * Midrange RedGreenMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Ramp for Eldrazi and combos
Izzet Burn Aggro RedBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Axellent direct damage!
Brains Control BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Madness and Brain in a Jar
Simic Flash Aggro BlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Flash creatures and counterspells
Pacifists with Swords Aggro BlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png helanhalvan Flash, werewolves and counterspells
Lifegain Allies 2.0 Aggro BlackWhite DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Rally, drain and lifegain
Sultai Reanimator Combo BlueBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.pngSOIC.png LegenVD Discard and Reanimate
Aggro Eldrazi Aggro BlackRedMana C.png DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.png LegenVD Aggro Eldrazi-style
Dead Ashen Rain Aggro BlackRedMana C.png DC.pngBFZC.pngOGWC.png BBBTD BRC Eldrazi Aggro

ORI/BFZ season[]

Card sets
Created by
Kytheon * Aggro White DC.pngORIC.png Wizards_Ai_v1 White weenie with Kytheon
(W) Weenie Aggro White DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png MikeHuffman86 Mono-White Enchantments, Counters, & Protection
5c Converge * Midrange WhiteBlueBlack
DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Converge, sweepers and Planeswalkers
Abzan Elves * Aggro WhiteBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Tribal/Elves
Abzan Retreats * Midrange WhiteBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Retreats and Enchantments
All In Reanimator Combo BlueBlack
DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Discard and Reanimate
Arise Chicken Control BlueBlackWhite DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png mobius chickenstrips Esper Control/Reanimator
Azorius Control * Control WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD White Blue Control
Boros Allies * Aggro RedWhite DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Red white aggro with Rally
Lifegain Allies * Aggro BlackWhite DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Rally, drain and lifegain
Dimir Sacrifice * Aggro BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Sacrifice, Fliers and Eldrazi Scions
Draw-go Eldrazi Control BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Card-draw, counterspells and Eldrazi
Eldrazi Ramp * Midrange Green DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Mono-green Ramp
God Loves Fogs Control BlueBlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png mobius chickenstrips Sultai Fog/Mill/Planeswalkers
Ingest Aggro Aggro RedBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Aggro Ingest Eldrazi
Izzet Thopters * Aggro BlueRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png Hakeem928 Woohoo, Thopters!
Jund Sacrifice * Midrange BlackRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Sacrifice with Act of Treason
Mardu Shepherds * Control WhiteBlackRed DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Sweepers and Shepherds
Naya Tokens Aggro WhiteRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Token production and pump up
(R) Aggro Aggro Red DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png MikeHuffman86 Mono-Red Aggressive Burn
Ramp Elementals * Midrange RedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png Amazingronaldo Ramp Elementals
RDW Showdown * Aggro Red DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD RDW
Renowned Auras * Aggro WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Renowned creatures and Auras
RG Landfall Aggro RedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Landfall Aggro
Scion Sacrifice * Midrange BlackGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Sacrifice deck with Eldrazi Scions
Selesnya Swarm Aggro WhiteGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png Sinnistar White Green creatures
Sigil Heil Control WhiteBlue DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png mobius chickenstrips Azorius Enchantments
Simic Tutelage Control BlueGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Blue green mill
Temur Tempo Aggro BlueRedGreen DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Temur Tempo with Fliers
Willbreaker Control BlueBlack DC.pngORIC.pngBFZC.png LegenVD Steal your opponent's creatures!

Starter Decks[]

These decks exclusively consist of cards from the Starter set and are intended for new players.

Card sets
Created by
Azorius Starter Aggro WhiteBlue DC.png OriginMD WhiteBlue Starter
Boros Starter Aggro WhiteRed DC.png OriginMD WhiteRed Enchanments
Simic Starter Aggro BlueGreen DC.png OriginMD BlueGreen Starter
Fire Starter Aggro Red DC.png MikeHuffman86 Burn/Aggro deck for beginners
Naya Starter Midrange WhiteRedGreen DC.png Socur Revolt, Delirium, Enchantments
Starter Aggro Aggro WhiteGreen DC.png SerenityBoy For all the new players who want gold having only the starter pack.
Vehicle Starter Aggro WhiteRed DC.png nikmn WhiteRed Aggro with Vehicles
RG Energy Aggro RedGreen DC.png Max Johnson RedGreen creature pump for farming the AI
RW Enchantments Aggro RedWhite DC.png Max Johnson RedWhite enchantments for farming the AI
UW Aggro Aggro WhiteBlue DC.png mekabar Aggro fliers

Aura-no, I only completed the tutorial Aggro WhiteBlackRed DC.png Dangermelts SLM Tournament rubbish
Beat me Midrange WhiteGreen DC.png Typhoon Stalker GreenWhite
Eiffel 65 - I'm blue Aggro Blue DC.png the Ovipositor Flyers and Ingest
Elves are Revolting! Both kinds of Revolting! Aggro WhiteGreen DC.png FourAcesSuited SLM Tournament Revolt / Elves deck

Rakdos Subthemes Aggro BlackRed DC.png Waghabond19 Versatile Rakdos Burn/Steal & Sac/Auras build
Rally The Elves Midrange WhiteBlackGreen DC.png SuperLadMan Abzan Revolt Elves Starter
Revolt in the Desert Aggro WhiteGreen DC.png Winton Labello GreenWhite Revolt-based aggro deck
Straitjacket Midrange WhiteBlueGreen DC.png Socur Card draw and tapping midrange deck for farming the AI
Turtlemania Aggro BlueGreen DC.png FaustianHero Thriving Turtle and friends

Please note: Decks marked with * contain cards that were swapped or outrotated. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or post your updated version.