Magic Duels Wikia

The Deck Builder lets you build a deck without the limitations of the Deck Wizard. All purchased cards available in your collection can be selected.

Advice for new players: This tool is meant for veteran players. Understanding game concepts and knowledge in deck-building is necessary to build a functioning deck. If you just started playing, you can use the Deck Wizard to help you.

Card Filters[]

The Deck Builder includes a filtering system similar to the card filter in the card collection. It has some more options to help with finding a specific card or sorting cards by other criteria.

Cards can be filtered by

  • Main
  • Keywords
    • Revolt, Improvise, Energy, Vehicle, Fabricate, Madness, Investigate, Delirium, Emerge, Landfall, Converge, Ingest, Awaken, Spell Mastery, Flying and Reach. combined with and / or.
  • Creature Types
    • Ally, Angel, Artificer, Dwarf, Eldrazi, Elf, Goblin, Human, Pilot, Spirit, Vampire, Werewolf and Zombie.
  • Mechanics
    • +1/+1 Counters, Life Gain, Removal, Mana Acceleration, Tokens, Artifact Assembly, Spell Weaving, Evasion and New cards: Cards that were added from booster packs opened with the last purchase.
  • Sets

All filtering options can be combined, i.e. all creatures that are green, mythic rare and have a cmc of 2-3. The amount of filtered cards can be seen under "Filtered Pool".

Deck Settings and Mana Curve[]

Mana Curve and color distribution for your Deck

Button for Mana Curve

You can view the mana curve and color distribution of your Deck via the Mana Curve Button on the Bottom Center of the Deck Builder You can select another Persona from by pressing the Gear Button. There you can also select other Backgrounds, Card Sleeves and name your deck.

If not changed the default Persona is Homeless Jace.