Starting with Origins, every paper release of Magic: The Gathering brings a content expansion to Magic Duels.

For technical and balance reasons, not every card of the physical card set will make it to Magic Duels.

Available setsEdit

Set name Symbol Logo Release Date
Starter set DC - July 2015
Origins ORIC ORI logo July 2015
Battle for Zendikar BFZC BFZ logo November 2015 (Steam)
December 2015 (iOS and Xbox)
Oath of the Gatewatch OGWC Ogw logo April 2016
Shadows over Innistrad SOIC SOI logo April 2016
Eldritch Moon EMNC EMN logo July 2016
Kaladesh KLDC KLD logo September 2016
Aether Revolt AERC AER logo January 2017
Amonkhet AKHC AKH logo April 2017

Upcoming setsEdit

Set name Symbol Logo Release Date
Hour of Devastation HOUC HOU logo canceled
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