• Aspallar

    Magic Duels Deck Check

    October 11, 2017 by Aspallar

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  • The Thopter Doctor

    Now I know that coming up the is the much awaited prerelease of HOURS OF DEVASTATION. Now this is going to be the first prerelease since, my friends introduced me to magic just recently. I'm looking forward to it, and love to hear from you guys about any significant or cool looking rare cards you got from the prerelease.

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  • Estufe

    I started out at Magic: the Gathering buying Revised starter decks and The Dark boosters from the grouchy old man at the dingy local hobby store. I got about as deep into it as a financially dependent tween could do. I collected a binder full of the rares that appealed to me. I puzzled through one of the novels. Eventually, after lots of failed, juvenile attempts at brewing, I put together a mono-black aggro deck that wasn’t too bad. On release day for Ice Age, I bought a couple packs at the Northgate mall in San Rafael. I did not know it at the time, of course, but I would not buy another Magic product until Kaladesh.

    There was no single reason for the lapse. I didn’t stop loving the game. But I was a budding teenager, and I wanted to spen…

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  • OriginMD

    Magic Duels Video FAQ

    February 13, 2017 by OriginMD

    Manabase unleashed
    BREAD and testing for balance

    means that German subs are available courtesy of HolyCrap WOTF.
    means that Spanish subs are available courtesy of TNT.Colonel and FrostyFeet.
    means that Russian subs are here thanks to Scum. Check out his youtube channel for combo videos.

    Special thanks to /u/ChiefKryder, /u/Tharob, /u/ki_mkt, /u/HolyCrap_WOTF from the Magic Duels subreddit for their support.

    Vote in this poll and pm me on reddit or Discord if you have any thoughts or comments.

    Other things that may be implemented in time:

    • English subtitles, German subtitles
    • Other language subtitles submitted by other viewers and subscribers
    • Videos from other players with their permission
    • Other high-level ranked games will be uploaded
    • Links to a…

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  • HolyCrap WOTF

    Max Johnson, a fellow Duels player on Steam created this excellent gold farming guide. While it's primarily aimed at new players even as a veteran it's worth a read to freshen up the basics.

    Please note: This is no official wiki content. The article contains personal opinions you may not agree with. The original guide can be found here. Max Johnson's Steam profile can be found here.

    Since Wizards of the Coast decided to update Duels with every expansion releasing in paper Magic, a lot of new players have joined Magic Duels. Unfortunately, the game can be very difficult for new players, especially the matchmaking system which does not care about how many cards you have unlocked when searching for your opponent. And if you are new player, you wi…

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  • Helanhalvan

    Hi everyone, I am back! If you have no idea who I am, or how this game works, or find this post confusing I recommend looking here.
    It's a link to my help kit for new players, which is probably going to help you understand the game better. As always, if you have any questions about anything, there is a comment section, use it.

    So, if we want to build a Delirium deck, one of the first things to realize is that most of the Delirium cards are creatures, that cost less then 4 mana. Those creatures are in general very good if you have Delirium, and not terrible if you don't. This will have a lot of implications for deckbuilding, but let's first look at how to activate Delirium.

    In order to activate Delirium, we need to get 4 card types into our gr…

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  • Helanhalvan

    Hi, I have made some earlier posts to help new players get a better hold of Magic: The Gathering as a game, mostly focusing on deckbuilding.  This time I decided to talk a little bit about an Archetype that's quite big in the rank 30+ meta of Magic Duels.

    Superfriends is not a deck, it's an archetype, and there are more than a few decks in it. The main idea of Superfriends is that you have planewalkers and board removal, and lots of both.

    The main power of Superfriends comes from the fact that planewalkers can only really be dealt with effectively by creatures, and the mass removal can kill all creatures allowing your planewalkers to generate a lot of card advantage. This means that there are two main ways for Superfriends to gain card advant…

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  • Helanhalvan

    At the end of this post, I stressed that deck building is an iterative process, and therefore does require testing before it is "complete" if it ever happens. Deck tinkering is a creative process, and people probably work differently, keep that in mind while reading this. Also, this post contains some made up words, or at least names for concepts that might not have had names before. If you don't like them, and have better ideas, tell me. Terminology can make or break a lot of things.

    If you somehow have managed to assemble a deck, and want to improve it, there are a two ways to do so.

    • replacing a card/a few cards
    • re-building the deck

    At what stage "replacing a few cards" becomes "re-building the deck" is up for debate. However, where that line i…

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  • VEX94

    A New Beginning..

    July 22, 2016 by VEX94

    Just starting to add my 2 cents to this great site for info on a game I enjoy. I have some great googlefoo skills for editing and am looking forward to working with the MD community

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  • Helanhalvan

    This is aimed at players that have a small card pool and who might be new to Magic: The Gathering. It is an introduction to how to make magic decks, somewhat of a repost and a collaboration with a bunch of people. More about that in the end of the post.

    The first step toward making a deck is to get a hold of some cards. The starter box currently contains 129 unique cards. These are unlocked either by buying a booster from each set, or by completing their respective campaigns.

    When it comes to choosing which sets to buy, I think all of them are of about the same power level. You can't really spend your gold poorly. But some players have their own opinions about what sets to get first. Personally, I just say follow your heart/instincts.

    There a…

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  • HolyCrap WOTF

    Hello everyone,

    is it just me or are all avatar-pictures gone? I'm pretty sure same thing happened to Wizards Ai v1. The only one i can see right now is Bequer's.

    Checked if my photo got deleted, but it's still there. See .

    Searched help pages and forums, couldn't find a solution except wikia server issues that caused problems with random pictures in articles but not avatars.

    So, do you guys have any idea? Thanks in advance!

    HolyCrap WOTF (talk) 20:34, August 22, 2015 (UTC)

    Here's Wikia support's response:

    Hello HolyCrap WOTF

    Thanks for contacting us. Apologies for this issue - we had a technical hiccup recently that caused some avatars to be reverted to old versions (or potentially go away). We've investigated the fault and are taking steps to ensur…

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