Magic: The Gathering is a complex game featuring countless different strategies for defeating your opponent, some of which are more viable than others. Over the history of the game, certain strategies have proven timeless, and tend to favor certain colors or color combinations. These are known as deck archetypes.

As part of its beginner-friendly Deck Wizard feature, Magic Duels offers assistance in constructing the following deck archetypes.

Origins archetypesEdit

Name Colors Description
All-Out Assault Color WColor R Hit the ground running! Finish your opponent before they have a chance to setup defenses.
Control the Sky Color WColor U Defeat your opponent with an aerial assault, while your ground creatures defend.
Elvish Fury Color BColor G Assemble an overwhelming army of Elves.
From the Grave Color UColor B Reuse and recycle cards using the power of your graveyard.
Horde's Thunder Color RColor G More lands mean bigger creatures to smash your enemies with.
Magical Armor Color WColor B Enhance your creatures to outclass your opponent.
Push Through Color UColor G Summon a small army and use spells to protect it and win.
Tactical Tricks Color WColor G Turn your small creatures into deadly combatants. Your opponent won't know what to block!
Tempt with Fire Color BColor R Turn the tables by stealing opposing creatures and using them against your foes.
The Right Tools Color UColor R Artifacts are cards which don't require a specific color to cast and often have unique, powerful effects.

Battle for Zendikar archetypesEdit

Name Colors Description
Allies Color WColor R Overwhelm your opponent with an ever-growing army of Allies.
Processors Color UColor B Manipulate your opponent's resources to give you the tools to take over the game with powerful enter-the-battlefield abilities.

Oath of the Gatewatch archetypesEdit

Name Colors Description
Devoid Decay Color BColor GMana C Harness the power of the barren Wastes to enlist the Eldrazi.
Surge of Power Color UColor R Combine multiple spells per turn to overwhelm your enemies.

Shadows over Innistrad archetypesEdit

Name Colors Description
Delirious Haze Color BColor G Put four or more types of cards into your graveyard for powerful delirium bonuses.
Vampiric Rage Color BColor R Vampires highlight this speedy deck that aims to spill your enemy's blood.

Eldritch Moon archetypeEdit

Name Colors Description
Emerging Horror Color UColor G Use emerge to unleash massive Eldrazi on unprepared foes.

Kaladesh archetypesEdit

Name Colors Description
Full Energy Color UColor G This aggressive deck uses energy counters to fuel powerful combat abilities.
Inventors' Fair Color UColor R Use wondrous artifacts to lead an ingenious assault.

Aether Revolt archetypesEdit

Name Colors Description
Rise and Revolt Color WColor G Use the revolt mechanic and your cards leaving the battlefield will swing the game in your favor.
Brave Pilots Color WColor R Shiny Vehicles and an eager crew. Start your Engines!