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You wipe your blade clean on your thigh before passing through the golden door. Beyond it, the walls glitter with metals and exotic pigments in Bontu's secluded audience chamber. You greedily snatch your prize as it appears before you and admire its adorned surface. You have reached the final trial.


Completing this mission will grant you 40 Gold.


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Neheb's Deck (60/60 cards)

24 Lands Icon land
9 Forest
4 Foul Orchard
9 Swamp
2 Woodland Cemetery
24 Creatures Icon creature
3 Exemplar of Strength
2 Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
3 Baleful Ammit
3 Defiant Greatmaw
2 Prowling Serpopard
3 Crocodile of the Crossing
3 Soulstinger
3 Decimator Beetle
2 Harvester of Souls
3 Enchantments Icon enchantment
3 Nest of Scarabs
9 Others
3 Gutter Skulk
4 Ultimate Price
2 Never // Return

Trial of Ambition (60/60 cards)

24 Lands Icon land
24 Swamp
21 Creatures Icon creature
2 Dread Wanderer
4 Festering Mummy
4 Doomed Dissenter
3 Shambling Ghoul
1 Bontu the Glorified
3 Carrion Crow
2 Plague Belcher
2 Bone Picker
3 Artifacts Icon artifact
3 Bontu's Monument
1 Enchantments Icon enchantment
1 Cruel Reality
5 Sorceries Icon sorcery
3 Bone Splinters
2 Painful Lesson
6 Others
3 Devouring Swarm
3 Tattered Mummy


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Video WalkthroughEdit

Watch this campaign walkthrough video made by OriginMD.

Magic Duels Amonkhet campaign walktrough

Magic Duels Amonkhet campaign walktrough. Fourth Trial

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